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We photographed a 3 day conference earlier this year that the lead organizer told us that the year prior they used some internal people that were ‘Hobbyists’ with decent cameras. He said out of 900 photos they were hard pressed to find one they could use for marketing. With the high quality photos we submitted, they have hundreds to choose from which are more than suitable for marketing that they also have the option to print.

Understand that the camera the professional photographer uses is a tool and it takes a skilled professional to know all of the lighting possibilities and how to adjust for them. Consider buying some sophisticated wood working tools… does that make you a cabinet maker? No!

With the popularity of selfies and social media, the ‘pics’ from cell phones have become the standard of quality for some. The cell, tablet and throwaways have their place and are fun. However, the photos you post on your website or if you wish to print, need to be high quality. They need to accurately tell the story of your company and brand, brand, brand…

Research says that high quality photos are viewed 60% longer. Remember the quality of the photo represents the quality of the individual or of the event.

Also, be careful of the one-stop-shops. Some business services types will include photography as a part of their fee as a way to save you money. Are they outsourcing to a professional? Or are they in fact, taking photos themselves with a mobile device or a low-end camera?

Editing: Camera Raw vs. Jpeg

SnapHappy Photos shoots all photographs in Camera Raw, then touches each photo in one or more Photoshop products. We make the adjustments for exposure, color balance and composition, with our own eyes rather than relying on the small brain in the camera to make those decisions. This process also renders many more colors that the eye can pick up subtle changes to give the photo more depth. At the end of processing we render a high resolution jpg, png… that are suitable for printing large.

Our editing also includes eliminating duplicate images, so that you get only the quality photos, and not be forced to go through 2 or 3 times as many photos to find the good ones.

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