Architectural Photography

Interior Photography & Exterior Photography

Architecture Photography is my passion, both interior and exterior. I spent 32 years calling on concrete contractors supplying heavy engineered equipment for high rise construction and major projects. In early 2012, I decided to join my wife Ada and sharpen my skills in this market.

I typically use an H.D.R. process, (High Dynamic Range), meaning there are extremes in light and dark areas in the subject. The human eye can see in 19 stops, but the camera can only see in 10. With this process, using ambient light, I take 5 shots all at different exposures. The software then stacks the photos, sees dark areas and borrows from the lighter exposures and visa versa. This renders a photo that is much richer in mid tones and oftentimes better than a single shot. The photos are not over-edited like some earlier processes which would produce surreal effects and halos. They are carefully modified to look more like what the human eye sees. And all photos are delivered as high resolution jpgs and are suitable for large printing.

Content is also extremely important. I will consult with you to see what shots you most desire and make my recommendations. Straight-on shots are difficult to pull off so strong consideration needs to be given to angles and elevation of the camera that best show the subject, all the while keeping in mind the most important ideas about branding your subject.

I look forward to getting those creative juices flowing, so contact Doug for more information and pricing.